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Tua Viso introduction


This cordless handheld miracle is genuinely an anti-aging wonder. Tua Viso lifts, tones and sculpts the face utilizing innovative electro-wave technology. It has been developed to restore tone and a youthful look to the face, representing a major alternative for those who cannot or do not want to do costly plastic surgery, botox, filler injections or laser treatments. Tua Viso is a patented, safe, non-surgical device that also restores volume and vigor to supporting muscles, stimulates circulation and helps to tighten the skin. The unit is easy to hold and powered by a 9V battery. Tua Viso is 100% designed and made in Italy.


  • Tua Viso is easy to use. Unlike the machines used in beauty salons, no conducting gels or creams are required.
  • Tua Viso's shape makes it easy to hold and enables the electrodes to be positioned on any part of the face.
  • Tua Viso can be taken anywhere as it is compact, light weight and battery powered.
  • Tua Viso comes in stylish packaging, complete with a water dispenser, instruction book, storage bag, extra sponges, video and a mini guide.

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Quotes A word from the experts

"Long term use of electrical stimulation causes skin to appear thicker and more youthful, with a vibrant visible glow."

Dr. Nicholas Perricone M.D. author of "The Wrinkle Cure" and "The Perricone Prescription"

"I've seen photos before and after electronic exercise and was amazed by the difference."

Hans Kugler, Ph.D Founder and President of the International Academy of Alternative and Anti-ageing medicine Journal of Longevity

Visible facial lift and redefinition was noticed after 8-10 sessions using the Tua Viso with 2-4 minutes per area

Visible facial lift and redefinition was noticed after 8-10 sessions using the Tua Viso with 2-4 minutes per area

Independent Clinical Trial conducted by the University of Bologna


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