Tua Viso / Non-Surgical Face Lift - RECHARGEABLE + FREE GIFT

For a limited time, we'll include a GIFT WITH PURCHASE We ship from California with Priority Mail to anywhere in the USA (2-3 days shipping time) Order today and we ship it tomorrow!...


Vendor: Tua Viso USA

For a limited time, we'll include a GIFT WITH PURCHASE

We ship from California with Priority Mail to anywhere in the USA (2-3 days shipping time) Order today and we ship it tomorrow!

This cordless handheld miracle is genuinely an anti-aging wonder. Tua Viso lifts, tones and sculpts the face utilizing innovative electro-wave technology.

During life, our face undergoes visible changes. Wrinkles appear and become more accentuated, the skin loses its normal elasticity and becomes superfluous, causing bags under the eyes, flabby cheeks, jowls and relaxation in the neck. Cosmetics can effectively moisturize and smooth the skin, but to lift the face, work must be done on the structural parts, in other words on the muscles.                                                                              Thanks to Tua Viso, electro-stimulation tones up and firms the facial muscles with clearly visible face surface remodeling.

 It has been developed to restore tone and a youthful look to the face, representing a major alternative for those who do not want to do costly plastic surgery, botox, filler injections or laser treatments. Tua Viso is a patented, safe, non-surgical device that also restores volume and vigor to supporting muscles, stimulates circulation and helps to tighten the skin. The unit is very handy and powered by a RECHARGEABLE 9V battery (110V with an American two prong plug). Tua Viso is 100% designed and made in Italy. 


  • Tua Viso is easy to use. Unlike the machines used in spas, no conducting gels or creams are required.
  • Tua Viso's shape makes it easy to hold and enables the electrodes to be positioned on any part of the face.
  • Tua Viso can be taken anywhere as it is compact, light weight and battery powered.
  • Tua Viso comes in stylish packaging, complete with a water dispenser, instruction book, storage bag, extra sponges, video and a mini guide.                                                                                 

Tua Viso Testimonials:

I had read about this product last year, then saw it featured on Rachel Ray's "human lab" episodes. I've now been using the Tua Viso for 3 months, but saw results in a couple of weeks. I've noticed all over firmness and defined sculpting, less dark shadows in the under eye area, as well as more radiance to the skin from the stimulation. Because of the brow lifting effects, I have not felt the need to return for botox treatments - Lynn

I have been using the Tua Viso non-surgical apparatus for over eight years. I was using it in conjunction with micro-current treatments from my beautician who had a large machine for the treatments. My beautician friend left the city and I was eventually depending only on my handheld Tua Viso. The cost of a Tua Viso is equal to about two treatments from a beautician. For the same price, one can have years of toning facial muscles every day. With regular use, it took years off my face - Rosalie

I have tried other similar machines. Tua Viso does the job. I have been using it for years. If I lost it and couldn't get a replacement I would go into a panic. It is Easy to use and to travel with. I travel with it. When I get negligent in using it I look years old. Cudos
I am 79 years old and swear by it. Every one wonders why I look so young. It is really well made and lasts for ever - Mary